Day: February 27, 2009

Smart Parts Max-Flo S.I.S HPA Bottle Released 2/9/2009

Smart Parts Max-Flo SIS Preset Regulator

Smart Parts Max-Flo SIS Preset Regulator

Finally it’s here. Smart Parts has released a Screw-In version of their high performance Max-Flo regulator. S.I.S. stands for Screw In System. The high flow Max-Flo regulators have had various gun mounting systems in the past. Finally they’ve been able to develop a system that’s consistent, high flow, safe, easy to use, AND affordable for today’s players.

This is just a beautiful regulator that everyone should pick up. You can get the regulator all by itself or it’s available mounted on the following bottles: 47 Cubic Inch 3000psi Capcity, 45 Cubic Inch 4500psi Capacity, or 68 Cubic Inch 4500psi Capacity. The 45ci and 68ci tanks are available in a 3 or 5 year hydrotest version.

“As a player, I understand the appeal of screw-in systems,” said Smart Parts President, Bill Gardner, Jr., “It’s just so convenient to screw it in and go, then unscrew it and put it in your gear bag at the end of the day. We’ve talked about making screw-in systems for years, but there was no way we would release a system until it was done right. We knew it would need to have all of the flow-rate performance, consistency, reliability and safety features associated with the name Max-Flo. We would have to build this regulator at a price that is affordable in today’s economy. We are so proud that our engineering and design teams did that with the Max-Flo SIS.”

You can read the full version of the feature details on our website but let me mention just a few here.
*Preset Convenience: This is your standard preset style tank. It screws in to any ASA of any gun and delivers about 800psi output.
*Stainless Steel ASA Threads: These threads simple won’t be damaged by a poorly machined ASA. Even if you have a poorly machined ASA (bottom line), you don’t have to worry about these threads getting bent or dinged and not working.
*Increased Diameter Fluted Valve Pin: Stainless fluted pin mean high durability and high flow. Leave it to Smart Parts to come up with this ingenious tid bit.
*Anti-Launch Neck: Have you heard the horror stories of tanks being launched off of their regs? Maybe you’ve seen it happen? These SIS tanks have a QUADRUPLE redundant safety system to keep the regs on the tanks. BUT you can still easily remove them for TSA air travel compliance without voiding your warranty.
*Low Profile Fill Nipple: Uses and INTERNAL allen wrench for installation and removal to reduce it’s overall height. The reg will still accept standard fill nipples if needed for repair.
*High and Low-pressure Burst Disks:In the event of a catastrophic reg failure this tank WILL NOT send 4500psi to your gun. The low pressure burst disc will blow before that happens. Another nice safety feature.
*Made In the USA:The Max-Flo regulator was designed in the US. The raw parts are machined in the US. Its assembled and tested in the US. Enough said, or you can read this.

You can buy the new Smart Parts Max-Flo S.I.S. regulators and bottles here at