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The Elite Forces Paintballs from U.S. Army Paintball, makers of the Alpha Black and Project Salvo, are formulated for maximum long range accuracy and breakability. They are the perfect round for anyone looking for that one shot mark, and hits are easy to see thanks to the bright yellow P.E.G. based fill.
The official US Army Camo Ranger Goggles with advanced anti-fog lens are made to fit your style and your game with an ergonomic frame, quick release lens, cosmetic grade face foam and a fitted visor. They offer the ultimate field of view with 160 degree Vertical and 260 degree Horizontal vision.
Good paint mines are few and far between, usually being bulky or too expensive. Finally, Tippmann has created a paint mine to solve these problems, the Booby Bomb. It’s portable size, ease of use, and excellent price make it the perfect item for that surprise attack on your opponent. Just pull it out, set the trip wire, and get back. As soon as the trip wire is sprung, your opponent will be covered from head to toe in a nice, thick green fill. What more could you want in a paint mine?

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