Month: January 2011

Tippmann’s New TPX Tactical Leg Holster

These new leg holsters from Tippmann offer TPX users an assortment of features including full adjustability, a removable body for either left or right side use and carrying compartments for one additional magazine, five CO2 cartridges and a barrel blocking device. This holster is made of extremely durable nylon and sports Tippmann’s proprietary Digi Cam design. All in all, this is a robust yet comfortable holster with several tactical features.

Tippmann Leg Holster [TPX, T8, T9]

Tippmann Releases New A-5 HE Paintball Gun

New for 2011, these A5s feature the HE E-Grip which allows users to fire up to 20 balls-per-second! There are five different special firing modes to choose from including Semi-auto, Auto-response, Full-auto, 3-shot bursts and Turbo. Its new external selector switch enables you to change from safe, to fire, to special firing modes on the fly. It has an improved, faster cyclone feed system and new barrel that is more accurate and quieter than the original. Some other added features are a larger, removable frontgrip, front sling mount, a lighter magnesium body and a lower-profile loader design.

Tippmann A-5 with H.E. Electronic Grip (new 2011 version)

Tippmann A-5 with H.E. Electronic Grip (new 2011 version) - Black

BT Releases New Apex 2 Barrel Systems

This barrel allows you to adjust for nearly any situation…left and right curve, spin, and drop shots. Redesigned internals allow for farther, flatter shot trajectory and no tools are needed for disassembly. Moreover, the Apex2 is longer, sleeker and looks extremely tactical with its stealthy, mock silencer design. Available for BT4, BT16, 98, and A5 in 14 and 18 inch lengths.

BT Apex 2 Barrel System

BT Apex 2 Barrel System - 14 Inch [98's and BT16's] - Black - 14 Inches Long