Barrel Info and Comparison Article – Understanding the #1 Upgrade

Whether you’re a brand new player who just got their first marker or a seasoned player just looking to upgrade, understanding the mechanics and facts around barrels can lead you to the purchase right for you.

Click the article link and scroll to the bottom of the page to get streamlined facts, advice, and recommendations for a barrel system that you will use and enjoy for a long time.

Don’t just take the quick and dirty from every manufacturer, trust the knowledge from the players who wrote this article. Be smart about your barrels.

Empire 72ci 3000psi Compressed Air Bottles are great for a starter bottle.

Thinking about a bottle upgrade from your current CO2 paintball bottle?   The Empire 72ci 3000psi bottle may be the perfect choice for you.   This bottle is an inexpensive entry in to compressed air (HPA).   While a little on the larger size (just a bit bigger than a 20oz CO2 bottle) this HPA tank will hold enough air to fire about 1,000 shots.  You will not need to do anything special to your paintball gun.  This bottle screws right into the gun’s ASA and is ready to go.  These bottles last 5 years before they need to be tested (just like CO2 bottles).  Compressed air will mean that each of your shots will fire at the same speed.   Cold weather will not decrease your performance like it does with CO2

Empire E’Vent 2009 Goggles should be released in a few weeks.

Empire  E’Vent 2009 Goggles should be released in a few weeks, about mid February. 

Empire EVent Goggle System with Thermal Lens - Carbon Fiber

Empire EVent Goggle System with Thermal Lens - Carbon Fiber

The Empire E’Vent Goggles 2008 are still in stock and available and their prices are starting to fall.

You can check out the Empire E’Vent Goggles here on TippmannParts.com .

Empire Paintball Logo

Empire Paintball Logo