Clearance and Discontinued

The Tan TiPX Pistols are Almost Gone

Tippmann has discontinued the tan TiPX pistols and shells citing supplier difficulties.  But lucky you we have one tan TiPX left.

Tippmann TiPX - Tan

Tan Tippmann TiPX

The tan aftermarket shells are also discontinued and we’ve already run out of those.

TiPX Tan Body Kit

Tan TiPX Shells

Tippmann Flatline Rear Sight Shroud Nut – Re-Sourced

The 98-68 Tippmann 98 Flatline Rear Sight Shroud Nut was discontinued by Tippmann. They’re not ordering more and they’re all out. This was a black nut. Rear Sight Shroud Nut [98 Flatline Barrel] 98-68 We’ve re-sourced the part from a different vendor but these new ones are silver. So if you need this nut you’re not out of luck. has you covered. But you’ll get a silver one now instead of black. Nothing a little black sharpie won’t fix.

This is the rear sight nut from the original 98 Flatline Shroud Flatline Shroud Complete - Plastic [98 Flatline Barrel] TA02001, not the new Platinum Flatline Barrel. Tippmann  Flatline Platinum Barrel [98]

Tippmann Ultralite Pants and Jerseys are Discontinued

The Tippmann Ultralite Pants and Jerseys are now discontinued by Tippmann.  They don’t have any left to ship us.  We’re out of all except the Ultralite Jersey in medium Tippmann Ultralite Jersey - Digital Woodland - Medium - Digital Woodland - Medium and we only have 1 of those left.

Tippmann 98 Expansion Chamber Kit Discontinued

It looks like Tippmann’s discontinued their expansion chamber kit for the 98 series guns (non platinum).   We’re all out too so that’s the end of that.  The A5 Expansion Chamber  Tippmann Vertical Expansion Chamber Kit [A5] - Blackkit is still available.  We do have some other expansion chambers  Pro-Team Products Intruder Expansion Chamberthat will work just fine on your gun.  You just need to make sure you have the right fitting and braided line to install it.  Feel free to call us for help.

Just to be clear.  That discontinued item is for the NON-Platinum Series 98 Customs.  If you have a 98 Custom Platinum or PS  Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series Ultra Basic Paintball Gun - Blackthen you’re still good to go.  The Platinum Series Vertical Expansion Chamber is still available. Tippmann Vertical Expansion Chamber Kit [Platinum Series 98] - Black

Empire E’Vent 2009 Goggles should be released in a few weeks.

Empire  E’Vent 2009 Goggles should be released in a few weeks, about mid February. 

Empire EVent Goggle System with Thermal Lens - Carbon Fiber

Empire EVent Goggle System with Thermal Lens - Carbon Fiber

The Empire E’Vent Goggles 2008 are still in stock and available and their prices are starting to fall.

You can check out the Empire E’Vent Goggles here on .

Empire Paintball Logo

Empire Paintball Logo

Ventilated Gear Bags from Allen Paintball Products

APP is no longer carrying the Ventilated Gear Bags.  They came in black or camo.  The camo ones are all gone from APP and we’re completely out of them too.  They have 4 black ones that we’ll be getting here in a few days but when those are gone they’re gone for good.