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New U.S. Army Carver One Marker IN STOCK at!

The U.S. Army line of paintball markers has been a huge hit with paintballers due to their reliability, durability, and value. Now, they are building on the U.S. Army legacy with the introduction of the new U.S. Army Paintball Marker, the Carver One. The Carver One comes stock with a host of new features including four Picatinny rails, a built in fore-grip, built in sling mounts, and built in sights.Also, the Carver One is able to be upgraded with a stock and vertical fore-grip for more control on the field. Pick up a Carver One Basic, Carver One E-grip, or Carver One Powerpack today!

US Army by Tippmann Carver One Paintball Gun – Basic Edition


US Army by Tippmann Carver One Paintball Gun with Egrip

Ordered a Carver One? Pick up some slick upgrades to make it stand out!

US Army Paintball 6 Position Collapsible Stock (Folding)

US Army Basic Collapsible Stock Assembly

Real Action Paintball RIS Vertical Grip Assembly

BeOranged Howitzer Front Bolt

TechT Paintball Zero Kick Hammer

New DeSignz Delrin Bolt